Industrial Fumaces equipped with Reqenerative Burners (HRS Burners)

The HRS burner developed by NFK is a highly efficient, low NOx combustion system with application of the most advanced "High Enthalpy Air Combustion Technology" acclaimed worldwide for its superiority over conventional combustion technologies. NFK is making substantial contributions to the reduction of CO2 and NOx emissions from industrial furnaces used in steel mills, machinery manufacturing, ceramics and other industries by supplying them with industrial furnaces and various combustion systems with the HRS technology.

HRS-RT Mesh-belt type Heat Treatment Furnace

The HRS-RT burner with gas fueling can reduce operating costs by 66% to 75% compared to conventional electric heaters, without affecting furnace operation. The tube type used is in accordance with the combustion capacity and size of the furnace. There are U-tubes, W-tubes and straight tubes which range in diameter from 3 to 5 inches.

Applications Non-oxidizing, annealing and brazing furnaces.

HRS-DL Retractable Type Heat Treatment Furnace

A batch operation heat treatment furnace with a cover on top. The cover is attached with a hinge mechanism for opening and closing making it suitable for handling of long-sized materials. Although the HRS-DL Retractable Type Heat Treatment Furnace has no charging door, it has several merits such as minimum leakage loss and easy maintenance of the interior. The standard model is equipped with the HRS-DL burners. However, depending on design specifications, the HRS-RT(Radiant tube)burners can be used.

Applications Annealing, hardening of long-sized material

HRS-DL Roller Hearth Type Heat Treatment Furnace

A continuous heat treatment furnace equipped with an HRS-DL(direct type)regenerative burner. The temperature inside the furnace is equalized due to flameless combustion, is a special feature of regenerative burners. In addition, the furnace can be operated under de-oxidizing condition which minimizes scaling.

Applications Hardening, normalizing and annealing of steel bars and hardening of non-ferrous materials.

HRS-DL Programmable Continuous Heat Treatment Furnace

A furnace equipped with HRS-DL burners which can be programmed for temperature incremental operation starting from room temperature in continuous heat treatment operation. The furnace is especially suitable for heating of special ceramic materials, in which case the difference between the temperature of the work and temperature of the furnace cannot be so large.

Applications Heat treatment furnace with programmed temperature incremental and cooling operation.

HRS-DL Bogie Type Annealing Furnace

A furnace equipped with HRS-DL(Direct firing type)regenerative burners. The arrangement and number of burners is determined in accordance with the required operation.

Applications Annealing, hardening, tempering, solution, baking and other heat treatments.

Batch Type Heat Treatment Furnace

A radiant tube type furnace equipped with regenerative radiant tube burners on the side walls, the hearth and the door realizes an equal heat distribution. This type of furnace can be customized to suit the client's specifications.

Applications Various heat treatments

HRS-DL Roller Hearth Annealing Furnace

A tray roller hearth type furnace with direct fired regenerative burners both in the upper and lower sides. It is designed taking full advantage of a roller hearth's special characteristics to reduce energy consumption in heating, normalizing, hardening and tempering operations.

Applications Annealing, normalizing, hardening, tempering etc.

HRS-DL Metal Walking Beam Heat Treatment Furnace

Equipped with direct fired regenerative burners, it is designed for the heat treatment of round and flat bars. Equal heating, improved heating speed and energy savings can be achieved simultaneously.

Applications Heating and reheating of steel materials etc.

Rotary Hearth Aluminum Heat Treatment Furnace

Rotary Hearth Aluminum Heat Treatment Furnace

Products is transferred through the Furnace without the use of basket. This system greatly reduces energy require wants and saving in capital cost.

Applications Aluminum heat treatment (T2,T4,T5,T6 and T7)

MERIT of Rotary Hearth Furnace

  • Reduction in Energy Consumption = 42%
  • Eliminate Basket Capital & Maintenance = 0
  • Improved Temperature Distribution = ±5℃
  • Reduction in Burner Quantity
  • Reduction In Drive Design
  • No pit construction
  • True Lean Manufacturing